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Exposing the REAL deception of Satan: The false light that wants your pity and pretends to be your friend but only wants to steal, kill and destroy. Don’t fall for the crocodile tears.
EXPOSED music video: Demi Lovato – “Skyscraper”.

R$E means (as the banner on the channel shows) that the general public are sitting round occult indoctrination and rituals in the mainstream media. In this fallen world we are all in need of the Messiah and Redeemer Jesus Christ who shed His blood on the cross to save you from sin and death. In the beginning humanity was deceived by the serpent, ate of the tree of good/evil and as a result were led into this curse that we find ourselves under. If anyone wishes to misrepresent my intent with this channel/ministry then please know that that is exactly what they are doing.

RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below. (1 Corinthians 9)

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  1. @R$E It reminds me of the salt flats in Utah, USA. If you google it there are a lot of images. It's a huge salt flat, big enough to set land speed records for all kinds of vehicles, and is ringed by mountains.

  2. It all started with something called the ''Alexandrian Synthesis''….The Ellenic/Greek People had found the Egyptians/GypsiesRoma/Romans of Egypt and they ''created'' or ''manifested'' something and the ''colors'' and ''bloodlines'' were mixed….Well I'm from Sparta/Ellas/Greece and son,i can assure you that a Spartan would NEVER have allowed such ''mix'' or ''union''.But i am sure that something VERY STRANGE & SUSPICIOUS happened there.THIS IS what the Luciferians are hiding from all of Humanity and of course from all christian people.All freemasons and christian priests know about this.And the strange thing is that all files and archives are missing/looted by THE ROMANS in the ''Burning of the Great Library of Alexandria'' so the first place that one must search for ''missing links'' and for ''burned in the fire books'' is Rome,The Vatican and Venice.Isn't it very strange that even the demon/''alien'' Trump is all of a sudden praising ''alexander the great'' and even stranger that a pseudo-macedonian nation/state was ''accidentally'' created in Europe claiming the ''copyrights'' of alexander the great ??And why did The Romans/Roma/Gypsies burned down The Great Library of Alexandria,attacking and butchering THE OTHER ROMANS Egyptians/Gypsies ?And in the end i NEVER understood WHY the Egyptians/Gypsies/Pharaohs have ABSOLUTE OBSSESSION to turn into Blonde ??They say that Alexander The Great was Blonde too.What they DON'T tell is that alexander the great was sodomized/''initiated''/''enlightened''/POSSESSED by Lucifer or by some other…''good'' entity of light like the ''grey aliens''/Demons that Trump and Putin and Merkel and all other Pharaonic/Phoenician/Edomite/Sodomites are infused with their DNA or possessed by! ''Eugenics'' should be called Demonics….The Ascended Masters and pseudo-angels of ''Light'' are DEMONS and the Vatican and all ''christian churches'' and freemasons knew everything about it all those years without telling you that these Demons/''hollywood aliens'' have taken over Earth and they are hiding in Antarctica and in Underground Realms !!Why do you think they call Nazis…Arians?From Aris/Mars (god of war) and from the ''Planet''.Arians are the Martians,and while you all sleeping they have taken over Earth and you're voting for them !!

  3. LMFAO!

  4. I kind of feel that referring to Conchita (spelling?) as "her" is counterproductive to the message you are sharing.

  5. KERLI KOIV wrotte this song for Demi Lovato… Please, watch her new video called Diamond Hard, it's terrible…

  6. I think that religion is eating your brains. All artists or bright stars in the sky are a menssage or is Lucifer exposed. Searched a doctor?? Really, you and many others need a doctor

  7. The Demi Lovato song was way over analyzed. Its not satanic or Illuminati. you just take anything you think could relate to "Illuminati" and overly exaggerate it. This song is about Demi's recovery from depression and self harming, not her representing Satan. you even overanalyzed a cross tattoo on her hand. just calm yourself. I'm a christian too in case you wanted to know.

  8. I believe you're saying the right things, but your videos are so chaotic. I think they need more planning and to be more concise

  9. Wat is "follow the white rabbit" about? Going down the rabbit hole-death? Mind control? How

  10. +Round SaturnsEye
    iCan suggest 3 JudASS Goats / "Right Off The [Bat Outta Hell™]"
    1: @LynLeahz
    2: @Lisa0Haven
    3: @pastorbegley

  11. The way that Demi has that cross tattoo on her hand would make it the satanic upside down cross when her hands in the normal down position. May God almighty have mercy on reprobates.

  12. I really enjoy your videos. They are a blessing to me, as I now see the deception that is around us daily. We have been conditioned over many years to brush these things aside and just accept what is given. I believe that the holy spirit has given me this information to share with my men's ministry and with my family. It has not been an easy subject to talk about; the devil's lies are quite thick in the minds of men and women!
    By chance, have you read or heard about The Zealot by Reza Azlan? what are your thoughts?

  13. This place where they are filming is the salt flats between salt lake city and the Nevada border. USA

  14. Hey the barren landskape is Mojave desert California

  15. You have nailed it! Your discernment is appreciated, …………learning to discern what is felt and in otherwise  perceived in objective/subjective understanding in Christ.

  16. It is just as Alan Watt said it is. In order to survive spiritually, you must become completely and entirely logical and never act based on emotion. Jesus Christ is fulfilling those words in me, for the Heavenly Father does not have emotion as we know and understand it. As I have said before, a beast cannot slay a god. A beast acts based on emotion, but a god acts based on logic. In the end, however, the Heavenly Father always has been, is, and always will be the Supreme Being.

  17. do you think the New World (NWO) ?? Trade Center SkyScraper is also part of the meaning to Skyscraper Song Another incident that will happen in NYC

  18. There are 3000 versions of Christianity..the illuminati are "trying to divide" Christians? Christianity is divided from design. truth is the only thing that can unify the human race. Once our spiritual eyes are wide open faith will evolve to the absolute truth.

  19. The antichrist is clearly indicated as a male figure.

  20. 15:02 when she sings "like a sky scraper" she also makes the form of an obelisk with her body.

  21. That Man?Women? Person? Is mocking the bride of Jesus Christ!!

  22. Its on the Salt Flats of Utah, USA no doubt!

  23. That's California….Death Valley

  24. Have you heard about the September 23 and 24 the dates of 2015? Supposedly it correlates with your ixxi day. It literally is ixxi on that day. I heard this might be the day the capstone shows up?

  25. Anyone else notice at 13:38 the sun is a hexagram?

  26. Yes…Satan’s twin is Lilith (aka Jezebel)…currently indwells Queen Elizabeth. The newly born princess, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, will provide this demoness fresh energy for both Lilith and Satan when they empower the last anti-Christ who will be Prince William!

  27. Matthew 12:43
    When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

  28. Michael; Son of Joseph, SurName Jackson= The IDOL Shepherd. Do not be deceived. Part human DNA, and science machine. Yahusha, Yahusha= Yahuah is Salvation. Do not be fooled when the Anti Messiah comes!!!

  29. Hey RSE Great Videos you know know alot about this stuff and Great Job! But I still dont get why Lucifer wants to break Time. I dont get that part. Either way keep exposing this stuff Brother.

  30. What is your take on the Bruce Jenner

  31. Salt flats USA

  32. Glad I watched this R$E..explained so well!