The Secret Origin of “Hollywood” will shock you! (R$E)

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Rome: Where Hollywood REALLY comes from!

For they also built them high places, and images, and groves, on every high hill, and under every green tree.
1 Kings 14:23

They set up sacred stones and Asherah poles on every high hill and under every spreading tree.
2 Kings 17:10

An R$E Production (2018)
Filmed on location in Rome.

Joachim Heinrich – Words
Joachim Heinrich – Horizon

Featuring short clips of Tomb Raider movie (Educational Purposes).

Featuring “Stag Deer in Church” clip:

Featuring the voice of Pastor Charles Lawson.

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  1. Very interesting but very disturbing.

  2. You are doing the Lords work. God bless from South Africa,

  3. your speaking of the mother..she would not want these sacrifices. or any of the wickedness spoken of here

  4. you shouldnt think that christianity influence is good or better in that case because its the same thing, same source… judaism, christianity, secret societies, etc etc (all these different parts of our society of today come from the same source)

  5. Makes me think of MJ song dirty Diana.

  6. Man…. this stuff is deep. And the more you know the more you don’t want to know because I can’t believe that God is being this patient with the world .

  7. Al

    No wonder stars are pentagrams

  8. il tempio di Diana è un posto malato, un bel po 'di persone famose vivono lì

  9. That name diana i hate it

  10. Thank you, so much. I've read about Hollywood in the book, "Bloodlines in the Illuminati." (Springmeier, 2002). It says that the most perverted things happen there. And, people really think they worship God. They worship Satan. Glad I'm an Atheist!

  11. 🤣Christian propaganda! Why demonise pagan faith. There is a mother goddess. Turn to Hinduism it’s far more advanced than Christians who have forced conversion, and enslave humans. Christian shackled Black Africans, raped and enslaved them as property, Christians had imperial systems that destroyed morale and culture of hundreds of people. Christians copied most of their bible myths from Hindu and pagan beliefs. Floods of Noah, virgin birth are all copied. There is a female divine, Christians and organised monotheistic patriarchy religions are evil.

    1. We demonize pagan faith because it is demon worship. Goddess worship is demon worship. You have free will so believe and worship as you wish but you are sadly mistaken. I would like to think that most of us worship God and Jesus Christ. What are you doing on this site if you don’t. I am sure there are plenty of goddess worship pagan witch sites you can find.

  12. God showed this to me at the exact moment I needed to see it. I just signed up for Instagram and scrolled for hours and was impressed. I even felt insecure by the women I was seeing on there. It was almost scary, how perfect it seems for them. You know it’s smoke screens. I get off insta. I get on YouTube. This is right in the suggestions. I thank God for keeping me, and reminding me. Lord thank you.

  13. Fucking liar Nemi means mushroom. smh the reach

  14. I wonder if this is why they chose Princess Diana & later sacrificed her? She tried to expose their satanism.

  15. Thank you for this info about the origins. They're all into Baal watch for the red string bracelet they all wear.

  16. Great video . Very succinct

  17. I believe the book of Enoch says that 22 angels descended on Mt. Hermon. They were the fallen ones who mated with human women. The Paramount logo/film intro shows 22 stars descending from heaven and are then positioned right above a mountain. Below the word Paramount, it is noted that the same is a "Viacom" company. Maybe all of that is a clever way of saying that the fallen angels (22 stars) rule (paramount) through communications (via communications or via com). Just a thought. 🙂

  18. And you lost me with the bs Christian talk…research that first and learn the origins. Then answer the question is Christianity is even moral.

  19. This reminds me of Las Vegas. Las Vegas looks amazing, BUT, it is inside a crater with a gigantic Volcano at its edge waiting to explode and entrap all those people. When it explodes, flying most likely would not be possible. Why do people overlook this?

  20. If your right eye offend thee….

  21. Princess Diana connection.

  22. Very interesting documentary, I suggest that you read CORAN the Muslim book of ALLAH , everything you mentioned is there. The story of nemrod and the messenger of ALLAH, Abraham
    You'll get amazed

  23. Hi folks dont forget that they in many offices, and one of this offices is the RECTOR of university around the world. You shall to decipher people just looking. Stay alive

  24. Nothing New Under The Sun

  25. LMAO!! The Catholics Run Hollywood?? I think you mean the JEWS.

    Nice JEW Whore,you Spout out that Bullshit like a Good Whore.

    Throw in the HoloHOAX,I might be able to squeeze out a Tear if I hold an Onion Slice.

    Fucking JEWS and their Dumb Fuck CONservative Protestants working Hard to be a TAG TEAM for Satan,but they Always FAIL.

    Well!! I'll give you bastards a 'WIN' on Vatican II,that was successful in having Catholics Turn their Backs to GOD.The Heretic Freemason Jew Whores changed the Holy Mass,they had the Priests Turn their Backs to Christ on the Cross to face Modern Man in the Pew.Then they got a Double with their Faggot Brigade and Child Abuse.

    All foretold in 1917 by the Blessed Mother Mary at Fatima.

    She said the Betrayal to the Catholic Church would start at the very TOP with a Pope.

    The Pope who pushed through the Mockery of Vatican II wore his Freemason Symbol Proudly next to the Crucifix on his Robes. Every Pope since ,has gnawed at the foundations of the Church. Francis is the Last ROMAN Catholic to Sit on the Throne of Peter.

    She said that Russia would Spread It's Errors.

    She was speaking of the Satanic Soviet JEW Russia who made Abortion Legal in 1920. Just one of the Perversions that has Spread over the World. Now Ireland,a Once Strong Catholic Country,Voted to Murder their Unborn.

    She later told Sister Lucy that GOD would Punish the people who have Turned Their backs To GOD. She said God would use Russia as His Hammer of Punishment and Russia would Bring Salvation to the Christian World.

    In 1884 Pope Leo XIII had a Vision where he saw Satan boast ,if Christ would grant him more Power for Himself and those who serve him ,he could Destroy the Catholic Church. Long Story Short,Satan got 100 years to TRY. Pope Leo said Satan's reign would begin sometime in the Early 20th Century. It started with the Murder of the Russian CHRISTIAN Czar in 1918.

    The Blessed Mother has requested that the Pope and Bishops Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. They have Refused Her request.The first refusal caused the Slaughter of Holy Russia. Every other has Allowed Evil to grow.

    The Heretics think they are Winning,the Freemason JEWS who have taken their Faggot Brigade to the very Top of the Catholic Church,abusing the INNOCENTS and ravaging their Souls,the Protestants who joined the Cult 500 years ago and the JEWS,who have ALWAYS been the biggest Enemies of CHRIST and His Holy Catholic Church, feeling SMUG before their FALL.

    The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will Happen,even if GOD has to Send Saint Micheal Archangel to Perform IT,But It will Happen,Then Russia is Converted to the One True Catholic Church,Rome is Destroyed ,the Throne of Peter is moved to HOLY Russia and the Christian World will Find SALVATION.

    CALLING ALL HERETICS!!!!! When you hear of the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,Know that Your END is NEAR.

  26. Christianity is the problem Christianity is a lie Christianity has nothing to do with the Bible

  27. Why is every road leading to Rome, when this is all about Nemi and LA? Desire big problems going on inside it these days, what does Vatican City have to do with this? Stay on topic. Your anti-Catholicism (though The Church does not need it and could exist just as well under persecution as it was when Christ started it and not The Bible, which The Church created) is distracting you from an otherwise right video. The ashera pole does have a cross on top showing the pagan deities being overcome by Christ. The keys and the rest of the items on the seal at the base of it are the symbol of Peter. The pole should have just been removed, but these markings of Christianity show the dominance of Christ's kingdom on Earth over the demonic forces of the pagans.

  28. Greetings Charles it's brother Sean from Cape Canaveral, Florida…. am very interested in teaming up in future missions around here maybe….? 3214820961

  29. Amen! People are worshipping mere human beings ( actors, singers, YT creators, athletes) They worship human beings, designed, created and sustained by God! Human beings with but a breath in their nostrils! God only is to be worshipped in and through Jesus Christ our Lord, his Son. Jesus Christ who, on his own accord, gave his life and shed his blood to atone for our Sins! Wake up people! Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life!

  30. wow, i just found this channel… spectacular video… how blessed are we, of this generation to be so exposed to God's truth of what has been happening for ages?

  31. I guess Holly whore is being exposed for the.shithole itis.

  32. That which the Media has done unto Americans since it's ownership has been set up after the ownership of Hollywood, tells us clearly movies and television have been used since their beginning, to change the entirety of the world by depicting lifestyles that were absolutely satanic, as if that which was being perpetrated on these screens, the Big and Small, were a look at REAL LIFE!

    Haylale/Lucifer (the Latin, used to cause even more problems in the spiritual world of believers), is a false world that screenwriters put together, having come from a background whereby they believe they are the only ones who have the ability to write, and by so-doing, create a life for on-watchers, that will so scramble the truth of this life into various evil ways,viewers have no idea they are using as entertainment, that which will seal up their souls, that they shall ultimately destroy that which COULD BECOME – if lived according to the Scriptural directions – Eternal Life! The Creator loves truth and righteousness, because this is that which He created in the beginning! Haylale however, chose to distort all things, to his selfish view of life, when he was a created being who would not bow to the directions of his Maker, and thus we have come over the centuries and millennia unto the last days of the life of sentient creation on this Earth, constantly being deceived by fallen angels, and those of humanity, who have been fooled and live sumptuously, because they too have joined in to the game of dissuading mankind from their birth rite, which had been given us by Yahuwah Elohim! Unless we come to this understanding and do that which has been written, that we might through Messiah HaMashiach, enter again, into that life which lasts eternally upon the Earth Made New, we will join our deceivers, and share in their annihilation, in the Lake of Fire, called Gehenna (see Revelation 20: 1 – 10, KJV).

  33. Wow great video. Really like your work

  34. they sacrifice to demons

  35. I’m not sure if you’re intentionally or unintentionally spreading disinformation.

    All anyone needs to do is go to any webpage store-front that sells witches wands and staves and read the magical properties of wands and staves made from the heart wood of the holly tree (holly-wood) and they’ll SEE why they called it Hollywood.

    The supposed power of the holly wood wand is “Dream magick”. It’s their method of casting a spell upon viewers to change their dreams into the dreams of the people.

    Just look at the names of the studios and organizations, such as DREAMWORKS. It’s about dream magick. Watch the opening of Disney movies. As Tinkerbell flies over the castle, she waves her wand, as they speak the words: “Where DREAMS come true”. You see, she waves her magick wand, and casts a DREAM SPELL.

    And I noticed you actually stated something about “casting the spell upon viewers”. That right there let’s me know that you know – because you KNOW that Hollywood is all about spell casting. Except that you’re not telling the full truth. You’re leading people to the wrong conclusion, and AWAY FROM the true conclusion.

  36. And how many have killed in the name of christianity you hypocrites… the crusades etc religion is the devil

  37. Jesus is the Lord. IC XC NI KA

  38. earth is flat not round…

  39. Yeah I have heard that B4..all roads lead to rome…a trap…that 9-11 symbol as gate of apollo!!???

  40. Keona Reeves JOHN WICK

  41. Rome: Where Hollywood REALLY comes from!

    For they also built them high places, and images, and groves, on every high hill, and under every green tree.
    1 Kings 14:23

    They set up sacred stones and Asherah poles on every high hill and under every spreading tree.
    2 Kings 17:10