The Truth about Who You Really Are (R$E)

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Find out the truth about who you really are…

I encourage you to use the truth in this video to open up more understanding as you read the scriptures. For example, this theme of Body, Soul and Spirit is found in many passages of Paul’s writings in the New Testament.

Keep in mind, the Soul is the battle field. The battle between flesh and spirit. This is a battle that we all face through our lives as Christians. The more we feed the flesh, the stronger it becomes. The more we feed the spirit, the more God’s power will change us and conform us more and more into the image of Christ. This is a process. But our justification is only through faith in the finished work of Jesus. We cannot work to be saved.

Salvation is a three part process. –
Justified, Sanctified, Glorified.

Justification saves us from the PENALTY of our sin.
Sanctification saves us from the POWER of sin through our lives.
Glorification saves us from the PRESENCE of sin, with a new glorified body at the resurrection after death.

Born Again: The way to feed your new spirit is through reading the Word of God. Let His Word change you from within. Dwell in Jesus Christ and draw close to Him in your heart and follow Him. Know Christ – Know Peace. Commune with Him. Pray to Him. Learn of His ways.

If you are born again, you are brought into His Family – the triune union between Father Son and Spirit. Bought at a price through the sacrifice of the Son, Jesus. We are adopted, born and married into this perfect Union as the Body of Christ. We are grafted into the Kingdom. Praise God.

Understanding the relation of the Body, Soul & Spirit of a person is key to understanding certain passages – like in 1 John 3:9. Again, I encourage you to investigate these truths in the Bible.

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  1. Praise God the most high . When our Lord JESUS left on the clouds of heaven , JESUS said He would send the Comforter – Holy Spirit . Does this mean the Holy Spirit was not in man before this time ?????????? Was the Spirit taken from Adam for his transgression ? ? ? Or did Moses , Abraham , Noah and the prophets have the spirit , to have walked with God . Spoke with God and so on ?

  2. Thank you for these videos, brother! They are very clear and well-explained, just perfect for sharing with non-believers. May God bless you richly!

  3. 💒💕

  4. Since becoming Christian I've believed exactly what you are teaching but im now starting to question the sin nature as well as once saved always saved.

  5. Still living in millions of years ago facts. ROFL live in the present. Everything already happened. Saints who kept his word already left this world a long time ago. We in the end days. We are moving towards final destruction. Morons.

  6. Beautiful..Thank you 💞

  7. I love your videos but I hope you should stop bashing our catholic faith, we love Jesus as the way Mary loves Jesus, through her sorrows we learn the way to love him. We does not worship mother goddess bullshit you have been potraying!

  8. Oh look another triangle diagram. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. This is an amazing video of TRUTH. I have been using this video as I witness to people. Thank you for creating this. Blessings in Christ✝

  10. Beautiful x

  11. i want all of u who believe that the prophet jesus is ur savior, to compare urself to the satanists who say lucifer is their savior. the God of abraham moses noah david sleiman & jesus: is MY savior. the content of this video isblasphamy. God is one. God is the sustainer. He never had offspring nor was he born. And there is noone comparable to him. Yes u are a body, a spirit, & a SELF. thats part of this PHYSICAL TRIAL we're on this flat earth for.

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  13. Hi, the spirit and soul is the same.. what i leared in the TAO is that the soul is energy and forever.. and that we are GOD also, we all have GOD in us. I just want to share this. Thanks for sharing your view about who we are.

  14. The bible says!! Time to leave this video is bullshit i burn bibles jewish propaganda.

  15. D C

    LOVE…watched with my 12 yo son and shared with those with open eyes/ears <3

  16. i love this thankyou so much

  17. This is a fantastic video explaining biblical truth! Thank you so much.

  18. Jesus is king

  19. Keep preaching Brother!

  20. Glória Glória Glória Deus

  21. João 3

  22. Aleluia aleluia aleluia Jesus

  23. Thanks, but Jesus saves all, even the so-called unbelievers. God is LOVE. The duality of this world was overcome by Jesus, FOR EVERYONE, let no one boast, there is nothing you can or need to do, all power and glory reside with God, that is the good news that the Pharisees hate so much.

  24. Any scientific evidence for this?

  25. lies

  26. This was amazing! Thank you for speaking truth! Messiah is Lord! And make no mistake Messiah Is coming back! Be aware for mortal life is as fleeting as the wind and to exalt ones self now brings disease decay and death only! We can do NOTHING without God its always been so for separated from Him we have no strength and our breath is from Him. In the hebrew language there is no word for "i have" instead of "i have" it is "to me" or "to you" or "to him/her" so understand that the blessing from God is TO US. When we cease to have and to own everything the air we breathe the water we drink the strength we have of God and everything else becomes TO US as it was not before. We live in the last days days of terrible waste how much does one walmart waste in food every single month??? Do you see??? We are literally surrounded by evil of all sorts. But a brother recently showed me something through the Lord: Think about this the tree of knowledge of good and evil was a living tree and through that living tree sin came into the world bringing death disease decay and the curse! And when Messiah came He was hung on a dead tree and through that dead tree He took captivity captive and cursed the original curse and so eternal life came from a dead tree (the cross) and the Gift! Do you see that whatever God accomplishes in this way has infinite meaning? So let us be of one accord and of one mind in Messiah our Lord!

  27. Just wondering children are pure and innocent. How does that come in to consideration

  28. Pure bulkshit

  29. You never need anyone to pray for you. If you follow Jesus then you know what to do. Fast.meditate. pray. Be peaceable among men as far as you ar able. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Jesus said the path is within. Pretty simple if you take out the rest which is mostly allegorical. Try to Love. It is more difficult than feeling amorous and you cannot do it without fasting and meditation. Read the words of Jesus and you will see when you actually follow. You cannot serve two masters so if you are a citizen of a western country you probably want to look into what that entails. It has been a luciferian INCORPORATION since 1933.

  30. people have no problem accepting demonic possession and demons exist, but they'll fight God. Long videos need to be made to convince people of the reality of God, but not of demons. What are we worth as a species in the eyes of God.

  31. Can it be that the children are born into sin? For it is written in Matthew 19:14
    But Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

  32. Great explanation brother. God bless.

  33. Fuck all robots😈😈😈🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  34. Many church goers are so dead and they dont know it

  35. Man is MORTAL, NOT IMMORTAL!!! Trinity is a DECEPTION!!!

  36. Amen. U helped me so much, I was thinking about what the difference between Soul and Spirit. Thanks to God for Reading my thought .God blessed you so much

  37. Have you considered doing ASMR? Your voice is so relaxing.

  38. This is so perfect.. God bless you 🙂

  39. I am born unto this road I travel.

  40. Amazing! Thank you!

  41. I encourage you to use the truth in this video to open up more understanding as you read the scriptures. For example, this theme of Body, Soul and Spirit is found in many passages of Paul's writings in the New Testament.