Third Eye: The EXODUS of the FALLEN (R$E)

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In this cursed reality we are trapped with the fallen and everything of our prison has a correlation with theirs. Do NOT be fooled into thinking you can find liberation through the opening of the third eye, that is also THEIR hope, gate and their exodus from the barren land to “Nirvana” or the “Return to Eden”. Demons wish to use you as a host to manifest themselves. ANY other way than humbling yourself in faith of the true Christ and His sacrifice is an attempt to build your own bridge or tower. Don’t become “one” with the “infinity” or you will seal your own fate with the judgment that they will one day receive. The Father doesn’t want this for you, THEY want this for you because they are jealous and wish you to perish with them. The Father loves YOU not THEM as they have already set their f8 in stone

Music courtesy of a great Christian group: Synoza – Fresh Fruit

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  1. Jesus said "I am the offspring of David and the bright and morning star" morning star is in reference to Venus in Hebrew it is called heylel (shining one), in Latin the morning star is Lux ferre (pronounced loose-fairer) then when it was anglicised it became Lucifer. it literally means light bringer or light carrier and is no way shape or form in reference to Satan/ you not know you are gods

  2. Okay, where do I begin, I suppose from the top would be best.

    1. the third eye is merely a gate way to wisdom, and higher forms of thinking. It ALLOWS you to see things and notice things about our world that we could not perceive previously.

    2. a "demon" "fallen angel" or other nefarious entity can NOT enter an abode without prior consent. the Body is the temple, that is the abode for your consciousness, darkness (nor light) can enter in without your inviting it in.

    3. it is possible, depending on your interpretation of many of Jesus' teachings, he was a yogi Master, and was teaching a form of Yoga or buhdisim, teaching of the chakra's and how to activate them. I believe the 7 seals in revelations are talking about unlocking your 7 core chakra nodes. (do your own research here, there is plenty of evidence to support this)

    4. the elite lose power if you start thinking on a higher level, you will notice the cheaper purse that has more pockets is far superior to the massively overpriced prada bag that you have been drooling over for ages. You will would make their programming obsolete and pointless by removing it's effectiveness on you when you start thinking logically and not basically. (the church would prefer you not think out side the box, that is a construct of the dark forces, the old testament is all about running from knowledge, by even saying the first sin was the obtainment of knowledge…..)

    5. I don't have all the answers, too few do, but what I do know is that the fabric of our existence is but a dream, it is our trial by fire before we rise to a higher existence, God made us in his own IMAGE. now some would interpret that as his physical likeness… but no…. God has not "form" per-say, he made a mini version of himself when he made adam, and we are adams seed. Can any one guess what that might imply? Can any of you guess what your third eye might allow? Can any of you see that we are beings of light?

    Never give up your own mind to another, regardless of how much sense something makes, search your heart for the "truth". Knowledge and "wisdom"(or supposed wisdom) is EVERYWHERE around you, but "truth can only be dicerned through the wisdom of the heart…. what feels "good" and "right" to you?

    Here's the catch, quantum physics….. it's some advanced stuff, but I'm about to give you something that is simple to understand that even Einstein put his stamp on way back when. When a scientist observes the reactions of an experiment, the results become skewed from what it should be, to what the scientist hopes for. this is why scientists poor over logs of information and not staring blindly all day at the running experiment. (I recommended looking this up as well, it is BEYOND fascinating)

    "as above, so below" is straight out of the bible, "on earth as it is in heaven". Furthermore, luciferions use an upside down pentagram, the 5 points stand for "fire, earth, wind, water, and spirit", they denounce the sovoureign lord, and count the things of this earth as the most important, fire earth wind and water. Remember, right side up pentagram is not "black" magic, upside down is making a deal with the devil and summoning him and/or his minions.

    the trap we are in is much more complex than a simple spiritual act, or a religious act. The trap is purely material, as that is the governance that lucifer is given. That isn't completely true either, WE, us human souls where given the deed to this earth long ago, and lucifer whispered to those in power "do you want more power? do you want more money?" "I can give it", and thus the trap was sprung and we have been buried in a monetary system of enslavement every since. (presumably)

    there are also tidbits of clues in the various new testimate books that might imply that the God of abraham was not Jesus' father, again depending on your interpretation of what is said.

    I leave you with this. If you swallowed all that I said here "without doing your own foot work", I label you a tool, I label you the puppet, I label you but yet another brick in the wall…… do I say this because I have attempted to deceive? nay, I say this unto you to inspire you to search the truly extensive amounts of information at your finger tips to learn what you can of the world, of yourself, and over thine enemy. I encourage you, nah I IMPLORE YOU, learn all that you can in this world, knowledge is power, claim what knowledge you can, and couple it with righteous wisdom, and holy might, and you shall be blessed.

  3. Wait wait r$e, don't omit some things. Something can be either evil or good by which means it's used. But obviously satanic elite wants to use the pineal gland to demonic emergence in this matrix. But of course it can be good, but you mustn't obey luciferian trance inductions like tomorrowland, NEVER. Love & peace

  4. At 1:07 at the top, did that say "nerd" or "nero"?

  5. Hey brother I have just been beggining to understand some of the things that God has revealed to you and I have been praying that I can understand and that the Lord can reveal the meanings to these things so that it can click in my spirit and mind. 1thing that has been bugging me is to ask you what do you think about islam? Are we been deceived with that thought of their anti christ and so on. Would love your input. Also I wish you had a video explaining certain things by themselves like the cube, and bible references to it, just so I can make it easier to spread the word to other belivers

  6. The sad thing is what a deception to make man believe that he is only flesh and bones(DNA), that the only thing man needs is alteration to his physical being. Man is a spirit-being with a soul living in a body and the physical dimension. Redemption refers first to our spirit then to the soul and body. When the Word says " if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature" applies to our spirit. Jesus said "ye must be born again." The most important change Man needs is in his spirit and only Jesus can make that a reality.

  7. the best truther out there,totally agree with everything ur saying,the lord is the only way he is love eternal,               AMEN

  8. Anyone who asks a question and searches for the answer has opened their third eye.  Anyone who has opened their mind to their imagination has also opened up their third eye.  If someone close their eyes and concentrates, they can access their third eye via visualization.  Most people don't realize that they do this already in an awakened state and are constantly accessing images as they process and think.  This is the third eye because it entails a visual aspect but does not require the use of the physical eyes.  This all may be pronounced if certain drugs are used. 

    Also, the third eye can simply be another metaphor for rebirth or the "born again" experience.  To open the third eye would, first, be to see Jesus Christ as God in the flesh and, secondly, to open the eye is to utilize the leaves and 12 "psychedelic/paradisiacal" crops of fruit from the Tree of Life which is Christ himself as he appears in mysterious form in all diversity. 

  9. +roundsaturneye I see what your doing. Very deceptive, your good at what you do. Couple of questions, tell me how your jesus defeated the machine, when we are still in it, and when your demonic god created it? Have you not done any research into your own belief system? Your biblical god, has sacrificed and killed billions of people, in who's name? Yeah jesus. See they come in 2 forms, one that feeds off your fear, and the other one tells you, to give up yourself to this entity so that you may be saved from the same evil it created. That way they win either way. The new age shit is psy op as well, Alex grey and his cult are no longer, they are merely vessels for a demonic entity, I went to his house Cosm and my friend became possessed and talked to me, see the thing with people like me is we see you guys. No matter what form you come in, we can see you. Everyone uses their 3rd eye you don't open it you just become aware of it. Anyone that automatically gives up because of fear were not strong enough from the jump. We need warriors, this is a hyperdimensional warfare. Not people preaching false light indoctrination, keep on following the exact religion that has kept humanity in the dark, your doing a good job, you may not even be aware of it because you are in complete fear.

  10. @Round SaturnsEye SykoCutter seriously? I mean how on earth were you thinking? Incredible good section of the tune you chose but c'mon have you seen their album covers…not to mention their lyrics. Or do I miss something here?

  11. To my understanding, the opening of the third eye (i.e. psychospiritual experience) can be a rather involuntary circumstance that one has very little control over, especially if a person leads a very clean, healthy, active life. I don't get it, I've asked God many times all my life to help make me understand how to make my way through this life, but have never really FELT a hand guiding me. The closest I've come to a conception of God is through the mystical conception of consciousness. How can I be damning myself by trying to come closer to God the only possible way that I know how? i.e. cut out TV, eat healthy, drink clean water, exercise, try to be kind to others…

  12. This guy is completely mis guiding you all, I would delete the video!!!!

  13. If you accept that Christ is the only truth, u also accept that the Bible is not truth.  Our creator is in our hearts alone.

  14. If someone has a twinkle in their eye they are not winking they are showing joy.  This prophecy indicates that happiness will conquor the worst in our world.  When will all of humanity be happy?  To me it is when we no longer toil night and day for frivilous (dat spelling) and meager goods, but have what we need to sustain ourselves and the planet forever.

  15. Please, Take Heed!
    Yohanan (John) 5:43 “I have come in My Father’s Name and you do not receive Me, if another comes in his own name, him you would receive.
    44 “How are you able to believe, when you are receiving esteem from one another, and the esteem that is from the only Elohim, you do not seek?

    Yahuah, not G-o-d = title & pagan elohim (deity).
    Yahusha, not J-e-s-u-s Christ; jes = ies = when capped IHS.
    Yahu = Yahuah; sha = salvation, hence Yahuah is Salvation.
    As in Yeshayahu (Isaiah); Ye = I; sha = salvation; yahu = Yahuah, hence Salvation is Yahuah.

    The Father and Son’s Name cannot be transliterated from Hebrew to Greek to English, it remains the same and intact from the Hebrew translation.
    Thus the Son (Yahusha) came in His Father’s Name (Yahuah) literally, not figuratively.

    You cannot be saved spiritually & immersion (baptism pagan name) without the real authenticated Names.

    Alleluia, Hallelujah, Halleluyah Praise Yahuah, not L-o-r-d = Satan.

    WiFi: free downloads of “The Besorah of Yahusha” & The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop.

  16. WAIT.. i had a spiritual awakening a few months ago.. since that day my life changed drastically from almost killing myself to loving literally everything and understanding things i didnt understand before.. it took all doubts from me.. i live now a postive life and it led me to God.. i pray now i read the bible i meditate i visualize i preach i try to get people closer to Christ.. so this is kinda confusing for me someone help

  17. Stay dumb lol you and your subs are all gyom

  18. Broken glasschalice on the floor; Cup of filth. The smaller moon is birthed by the larger one, symbolizing the 13th pillarantichristfalse christ being born and the power he will have over earth, as the moon has gravitational power over earth; this is really saturn's magnetizingvibrational power over earth, working through the moon like a satellite. Christ was the only pure being to ever walk the earth, we are all the embodiment of wickedness without Him and even with Him our flesh continues to be the vessel for wicked deeds but we can win many battles over sin by giving others what they need to find Christ, by planting the mustard seed. Only our spirit is saved from being swallowed up by this world when we believe in Christ, our flesh will continue to be beaten down by the world, but we must fight every day to flee from sin, so we can show others to the gift that Christ gave. When you help someone find Christ, you destroy sin in that moment and they will do the same. Sin, evil, wickedness flees from Christ and is destroyed by Him each time we win a battle for Christ and for our fellow humans. Understand this and believe in Christ and you become what evil fears. Love you guys, keep up the good work brothers and sisters.

  19. I hear a lot of truth in many of your insights, however, is it your position that use of any psychedelic under any circumstance inevitably leads to demonic manifestation? Because the last time I did LSD, towards the end of the experience, while by myself, I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. At that time I experienced by far the most intense bliss and peacefulness of my whole life. I felt as though a well-spring of love was pouring out of my heart, and have never felt without his love since. Unless the experience of being 'saved' is as a whole an experience of seductive demonic forces fooling everyone who asks Jesus to save them from the pit? Most who I know who are Christians describe the feelings they experience when saved not at all dissimilar to my own. I feel like the evil that conspires against us is disadvantaged in a way that it does not know or understand, that even as it moves to create hidden meaning and ritual in all aspects of pop-culture, the emotions of love, peace, etc, are so much more powerful than negative emotions, and so much more powerful than hidden meaning and ritual, that all of its efforts will be in vain and by trying to create pain and suffering it will inevitably be creating its own demise. I'm not saying I don't think taking psychedelics couldn't easily lead to manifestation, but I wonder if its not a bit nieve and cynical to suggest that the outcome of demonic manifestation is the only possible outcome.

  20. glITCHes in the MATRIX.
    this video is one and contains many.
    thirtee three, thirtee three EYE GATE EYE GATE

  21. Dream Theater  Officially RELEASED! an album on Tuesday, 9/11/01 check out the album cover, an apple with New York City skyline on top of it on fire, with barbed wire circling the apple, see it for your self.

  22. this video GLORIFIES the USE of "the ALL SEEING EYE" and
    if you believe what he says and fall for this imagery and sounds, you have been DECEIVED.
    don't be trICKed.
    don't be a fOOl. dont be afraid NO FEAR. GOD gave you YOUR/HIS PINE APPLE. THIS IS HIS TEMPLE. to not use this GLAND is to tell GOD he gave you SOME THING WORTHLESS.
    there is only one TRUTH. ONE WAY. ONE LIFE.

  23. So what is it that I actually have to do?  I believe all this! And have for years, but Jesus is still not real to me and I still sin on a daily basis no matter how hard I try not to!  What is the key to being in a relationship with Jesus?

  24. Great message brother, God bless you!

  25. Jesus told us "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"

  26. The matrix he talks of is actually the EM fields of the universe…..that's how energy is passed from object to object…my videos talk of it.

  27. very correct about E's
    You are WIDE open.

  28. on that dream theater cover art what are they trying to say with the elephant?
    is it in reference to the saying  " THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM" ? 

  29. We must remember that in reality there is both good and evil eyes to see all things, Jesus promised the Saints their awakening at the end of days, the eyes and knowledge as so displayed herein to fathom the truth of the grid we live in… escape is sure for those that believe in Jesus, he does give us the eyes to see, we are no longer blinded by the amnesia and darkness of the matrix surrounding, we recognize fellow lights and too the fallen lingering and looming! we await the exit day out of this evil by his glorious love returned to lead us out out and away forever! there is a duality of good and evil perceived, Jesus spoke of the awakening to see the truth surrounding, many of us are here witnessing this now, Our Lord is coming! we can feel it and surely soon shall we see his glory upon us all waiting!…. Thank you so much!

  30. The world has been departing from GOD and from Christ and godly morality for nearly 70 years at a swift & quicken pace: it all began its descent shortly after WW2: the birth of Israel (1947) and the Israeli possession of the Old City of Jerusalem {June of 1967). – those were the three MAJOR prophetic events of the 20th Century. we are now [VERY LIKELY] at the very brink of the last 42 months of the Tribulation Period and the soon return of THE KING of kings and THE LORD of lords.

  31. Wow