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An Incredible Truth to Find..

Join us on a journey into the marvelous light of truth and freedom that all people in the world NEED to hear. This is truly life-changing.

Romans 6:18
Being then made free from sin, you became the servants of righteousness.

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An R$E Production (2019)
Filmed on location in Patmos.

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  1. Salvation is Jesus Christ! Lord come soon because these days are tough and getting more and more difficult.

  2. Oh brother that is one of the most beautiful presentations of the love of Jesus and His love for us. I'm sharing so that others might see this and believe.

  3. Emmanu"EL"= God in the flesh.

  4. Amen! Glory to our Lord and Savior!!

  5. Beuatiful video man..I love the Bible tent girl with a flashlight image …the 1612 King James Bible words is doing a work in me too

  6. We are not alone brothers and sisters. We have ALL committed atrocities in the eyes of the Lord. When RISE is talking about the shame of our past….I have been in a fetal position WEEPING uncontrollably BEGGING our Holy Father for forgiveness. Then, suddenly, in the midst of my excruciating pain and shame, I felt a sudden peace from within my heart. I will never be worthy of His salvation, but I will be eternally grateful for His own sacrifice so that I might be covered by His blood.

  7. Love your videos and although I hear your compassion and feel your heart for our Creator I wish u would call Hm by His Hebrew name. God and Lord are titles. Those who call on "the name" of the Lord shall be saved. Why didnt He just say, Those who call on the Lord shall be saved? Because 'The Name" is critical and we are told there is POWER in the name. He said His name" will be revealed in the last days. We are in the last days if this is the last generation. We must know the Name of our God and honor Him by calling Him by His name as He even calls every star by name.
    May Yeshua Bless you and keep you.

  8. Praise you Jesus
    We Love You my King

  9. Amen Brother! – Hallelujah!!!

  10. Hope you go to ATHOS!You will feel the true life changing……..IC XP➕NI KA

  11. No snatching out for you friend?

  12. Our Savior is God

  13. Did John take psychoactive mushrooms or plants to have his visions? or did he use the caves to help him? or both? or was it just done by fasting? The beasts with eyes all over their body is the same as what is seen when using psychedelics..

  14. AMEN brother. AMEN. I get so tired of this body of flesh I'm just ready to be done with it and be like Him. Can't imagine what that will truly be like 🙂 Praise God for all that we have to look forward to!

  15. Thank You Jesus!!! My Redeemer!!!

  16. Amen! The Love of Jesus Shines!

  17. What blessing this morning! Thank you, brother! This was truly inspiring.

  18. Just what I needed right now, thank you 😊

  19. Just a correction for those who might look up these scriptures themselves.
    Godly sorrow is in 2 Corinthians 7:10

  20. I really needed this brother, thank you so much. I'm in so much pain and distress from my autoimmune issues, at 33 to go anywhere i now need a wheelchair. Being a mother of 4 and a wife, I feel so unbelievably useless and have found myself questioning the Lord, "Would it ruin some vast plan that I would be well again to take care of the family You blessed me with? Whats is the purpose Lord?" But now I've realized that I've been to focused on the things of this world, and not trusting enough for Him to work all this for good. Even though I am one of his least glorious sheep, mangled and lame, hardly any use but feed for wolves, that He would not leave me behind for even His most beautiful and productive 99. Your video was beautiful and uplifting brother. You've been sent as a blessing for many 💕

  21. Praise the almighty God. Glory to The king Jesus my Lord and savior. May the people seek Jesus and have everlasting life and peace now❤

  22. Amen ✌️💕

  23. let us fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith! even till the last day:) amen much love bro

  24. AMEN BROTHER ❤️✝️❤️

  25. Thank you for the amazing message piercing of my heart for my Lord and savior. We need these motivational messages not prosperity in this world not your best life now that will perish and burn. But of the new earth eternal life with Jesus, our heavenly Father. May God be with you❤

  26. Thank you for this message brother, God bless you, and all the brethren!

  27. Stfu faggot

  28. Be blessed!

  29. God Bless you brother….💖💖💖

  30. I needed this thank you 🙏

  31. My heart needed this lift of God’s truth this morning! Thank you Brother, you are very precious and appreciated!❤️

  32. Thank you, this is a great reminder of how great our God is.Jesus will return ♥️

  33. An awesome video RISE and something that I needed at this point in my life. Christ is ALL we need…for eternity! God bless you brother.

  34. Awsome upload ! I came to Jesus via conspiracy road also, then He found me on that road, made me aware of the life that I had led before , was interlaced with drugs , alcohol , and practicing witches even ! and the world , and an inescapable hole of hopelessness ,BECAUSE I wasn't walking with Him !
    I am so GLAD He found You and He found me also , he dug you out from conspiracland too .
    I know evil must be exposed etc, and our old channel ( before it was deleted ) we was subbed to yours , and many many like it . But in the end they where all the same , and offering a hopeless situation ONLY , and that was it in my time spent there . Then before that was David Ickeism ( a FALSE Religion in Himself ! ) BUT that is all part of the Plan our Loving God Jesus Christ for me and you , and I'm sure many here , 14 thumbsowners want more confusion in the world it seeems ( up to press Ist June 2019 )
    Advice to those people ( who we cant reach well ) If you cannnot read the King James then read also The Ampified Bible ( which can help you where you need things explained to you )
    People say and have made a new Label called " Easy Believism " But how easy easy to believe ?? Not hard when you TRUST in the Lord Jesus and God's Holy Spirit the third person of The Godhed , to be be your Guide on this Earth , Listen to The Holy Spirit of God , He indwells everyone , you have all been given Undeserved GRACE , USE IT activate it by your Faith and Trust ! In this failing world JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE YOU Can Trust !!
    Amen and use every opportunity to build up OTHERS that need their faith bolstered , and encourage them !! ( Good Job Brother David ) one David to another 😀

  35. I love you brother in Christ Jesus our risen Lord. May God our Father bless you. This video edified me as a Christian.

  36. Thank you. Much needed word and beautiful images. Jesus is alive and coming again.

  37. What an encouraging uplifting video!! I feel you should do more of these videos as you are lead by the spirit. I pray for renewal and hope for the lost who are sheep searching for a Shepard…and a Shepard calling for his sheep to come home

  38. Thank you for this reminder, I definitely needed to hear you this morning. Yah be with you brother.

  39. Romans 7:24-25 “O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

  40. This is one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen. I Love RISE because he loves Jesus. God Bless you brother. Such an encouraging message.

  41. God bless and thanQ for sharing!

  42. Much love to you all! Hope you are well.
    All Glory to God! Jesus Christ is RISEN!

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