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Find out the REAL truth that will change EVERYTHING.

Kai (Engel) – Comatose
Electus & October Child – I Miss You (Original Mix)
Ferven – Falling

Also Featuring the voices of –
David Wilkerson
Leonard Ravenhill
Charles Lawson

Wedding of the Lamb Photograph (C) The Prophetic Art of James Nesbit.

Filmed on location in Israel.

An R$E Production.
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  1. David!! This was so visually powerful! To see those sheep flooding through that tiny gate into their beautiful resting place without fear and Preacher Lawson's booming voice as he proclaims the only TRUTH of Life. Thank you my brother in Christ Jesus , for confessing your past. I know you have been ridiculed in cyberspace for your past behavior , posts and activities. That is why by continuing on, instead of retreating back into the shadows of the old sin nature, makes your witness for Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior so meaningful to me as an example for myself!!! For a sinner like me, praise the Lord, HE forgives us! Your sister in living in America, AMEN AND AMEN

  2. That's real preaching!!!!! We need more tough preaching in those lukewarm churches…

  3. i subscribed to you

  4. jesus was accidentally killed by roman that taken genocide of Israel ooooooo ,. jesus saying i die for human after roman genocide Israel funny earth,. why earth policy thus not takes history genocide to court,. funny god kill human aaa Jesus Christ got the problem with our brain aaaaaaa fucking death is it, my god .,.love you love you

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaa what's is it ,. what ., what,. you need god or heaven,. your and fuckwit idiot,. i kill my brain motherfucker all out my existing ., ok you think jesus god all funny fuck of ,. i trad nothing i pray to god god any god god god ,. my mapuche chilean die for death of my culture ,. i kill my self i kill my self ,. you must visit me come to visit me idiot

  6. This is good

  7. Our FATHER takes all that and makes it worth It!!!

  8. When the truth hits you and you can't do anything but weep and say thank you Jesus and try to live for Him. Amen Amen Lord have mercy, Jesus save us all.

  9. Amen!

  10. I hear a lot of talk but without action's man its futile, speak with our action's. ppl get ignored all too often who have the truth absolute, we can talk all we want but if we don't make plans in our God under his law, we are gonna miss the boat to salvation. lets do it now ppl.

  11. we can talk about the word or know all scripture but if we don't come to together as one under the real Jesus(GOD) we are just words in the air which never reap, its chasing a cyclone and getting lost in the storm, we must come together RSE, lets get know each other and change the world we live in. the monetary system is killing us all. its an evil we must stamp out for good, imagine a world without money, we hardly can but we must do the will of the Father not just speak his word, lets do it. I love you brother RSE.

  12. Beautiful

  13. I love this


  15. Amen brother

  16. I love your videos. I’ve done so many wicked things, and deserve nothing.

  17. Glory be to God.

    KJV Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:9 Not of works, lest any man should boast."
    The only gospel to save your soul from hell and the lake of fire in this dispensation of the grace of God:
    KJV 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 …"Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:"

  19. So…… "Jesus" was sacrificed by his father, OUR father to atone for ALL of our sins thereafter. …… They created it's, and they gave us free will, and they gave those of us brain damage, retardation etc etc…… So, why would HE do that c to those HE LOVES, as opposed to…….

  20. I look forward to sitting with you and sharing our trials and triumph together, among our family, among the angels, among our Lord. I look for you all! Peace in Christ! So be it