Unbelievable!? Nephilim manifest from “Gates of Hell” 2015 (R$E)

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Lucifer opens “Gate of Hell” (2015)

Subliminal Occult Symbolism: Opening the pit & birthing of the Nephilim Giants shown in “New Balance – The Storm” TV Commercial.

Perfect storm = hot meets cold = red meets blue. Collide of the two pillars.

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  1. "Fear of GOD is the beginning of wisdom".

  2. You have to be pretty stupid to think you can force your way into heaven. But then again, narcissists are a special kind of self absorbed "stupid".

    And that's what the Elites are — monstrously perverse Luciferian narcissistis.

  3. That is what all of history has been about. Bringing back the Union of fallen angel dna and human dna. That is the secret of masonry and all secret societies

  4. The athletes represent nephilim. The hero's of old. The supermen

  5. This channel is what opened my eyes to the truth. Just a few months ago I was blind just like so many millions a across the world and now I see the truth and this channel is one of the main reasons why I see the truth. God bless you for this channel of truth

  6. I truly believe this man speaks the truth. I have prayed to the most high to give me guidance to know what is truth and what is not. I always get led back to this channel. All you people who automaticly judge this man and channel need to remember what Jesus said. Judge not. BE Judged..

  7. C P

    More lies mixed with maybe a bit of truth. Stop lying and tell only the truth from the true Word of God.

  8. Ok I saw the giants lol

  9. Click bait.

  10. Jesus is God in the flesh, yes they are the same. God came down to earth in the flesh

  11. thanks for sharing..godbless u more..I wl share..this..to my frnds



  13. At first glance it just looks like a regular normal commercial but once you explain it I can see the darker EVIL meaning behind it. Thanks for the video

  14. Thank you for telling about the purple mist! Years back I saw a UFO and it hovered over and spewed a purple mist and left everyone witnessing it lose sense of time and disoriented. Then when it left somehow we were turned around facing in a different direction. I will NEVER forget that experience.

  15. Do you have to suspend dis-belief to make believe?

  16. the subliminal programming and pushing of this agenda is relentless. …. end times people

  17. Another great video. well done. God bless you.

  18. Saw those giants right away before you metioned them

  19. thanks brother you are so good

  20. You're making something out out of Nothing… Other than a Cool, Well Done Commercial! Idiot!

  21. It is a false belief indeed. Thank you , for showing and revealing what's happening .

  22. I was skeptical of this video, leaning towards the belief that sometimes people put meaning into things which they don't belong, but then I saw the giants in the background… 🤔

  23. I am not sure where you are going with this. Thank you for the video.

  24. always in beta at the end of the commercial. Anagram = satiable yawn or even A bestial yawn. opening one's mouth an inhaling. opening of a portal? satiable = satisfied. Bestial = who knows what kind of savage, brutal & barbaric beasts have been brought forth?

  25. Why would believers want to turn the video off? Knowledge is impowering and we can show it to others.

  26. wat is she doing in the middle in the desert all by herself?

  27. Lucifer is the "Prince of the air", thought that would support the part your talking about the wind and the spiritual shit happening

  28. Do you see half of a devil head, one eye showing , beside girl on the cover image

  29. it's like animation – every frame is there for a reason. Is katy perry up to stuff with the owl as an emblem. Seen it in a few videos. "The owl is a nocturnal bird of prey with strong talons. The owl has been associated with wisdom, books, Occult knowledge, shamanism and other spiritual matters. As mentioned, the owl is a bird of the night, so an association with the moon is also suggested. They have short tail feathers and are silent in flight, stealth like. They seem curious about things but are happy to sit and wait until the time is right to obtain their goals (catch or conquer their prey).

    The demon goddess Lilith is represented throughout history as an owl. A study of the demon goddess of Lilith will reveal the dark secrets behind the owl of Bohemian grove." – "Lilith is described as either a winged serpent or a screech owl (or a anthropomorphic combination thereof) who murders infants (it would appear from the perspective of modern medicine that infants who succumbed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome would have been thought to have been victims of Lilith), and who torments men at night who sleep alone — the original succubus."

  30. wow,I see the symbolism,very real I agree.Thanks for the info,just subscribed.

  31. notice 3 white trailers together…3 women running together….lightening fallen from sky=Lucifer…..

  32. get a job. or a hobby. just something so you can stop obsessing about shite like this. even learn to masturbate. it might help. just saying .

  33. sports distracts people from seeing what is going on in the world.

  34. God found me and changed me when I started watching these videos. Jesus is the only truth

  35. the female is not female it's androgynous. The baphomet is androgynous they want one everything one world one religion one gender the rabbit hole is so deep.

  36. On you go Mr Hendrix. Purple haze has landed .

  37. well, we won't have nothing to worry about then, all nephilam will be playing sports!

  38. so what the burning car (Dacia) means ? :)) I am romanian , thats curious …