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  1. You mean thy worship poop?

  2. Pope Francis is a Heretic working in plain sight, in real time, to usher in the Anti-Christ. Billions of sheeple are blinded. Tragic

  3. The VICOR IS THE HOLY SPIRIT. PERIOD. Study yourself to be approved, pray for THE GIFT OF DISCERNMENT . AMEN

  4. I looked up what the "IHS" is supposed to stand for and there is no good resource from where it came from. The catholic church is such a ridiculous blasphemy.

  5. Sounds like we are in a womb.. and the breaking of the vail is the breaking of the water .. birth pains ..etc.

  6. Just seen this as it came up on my feed, some really good info here, I just didn't get the Alpha and Omega part, as He is the Beginning and the End. And if it's androgynous then this would be blasphemy, unless you are only referring to what they believe, and not from a biblical standpoint.
    But thanks for this, as I learnt a few more things about them, namely the ihs.

  7. I want your accent. So eloquent. Almost like a mix between David Bowie and David icke…AND YOUR NAME IS EVEN DAVID.

  8. Shi in Japanese also means death.

  9. The Episcopal Church has communion every Sunday. No confessional though.

  10. Thank you again, RSE. Now consider who exactly wrote the NT, not what anyone thinks but what is known. Doesn't it all dovetail nicely into the vatican (reveal the future ) agenda. Hmmm. Might have been written for it. Turn those SHI (IHS) letters in alignment with the cross T and what does that spell? Just pointing it out here.

  11. If only 10% of what I have learned in the last two decades, becomes , reality, !!!

  12. Now I know why Obama is said to smell like SHIT by people who worked for him and why he and Hillary attracted flies ……..
    there is also a picture of Hillary with a shit stain on the rear her blouse boarding a plane. It all fits perfectly.

  13. At 14:50 it makes me think of the Jupiter sign in astrology.

  14. I think 'church' comes from Circe, which is pronounced as Kirke.
    "Circe (/ˈsɜːrsiː/; (Greek: Κίρκη Kírkē pronounced [kírkɛ͜ɛ]) is a goddess of magic or sometimes a nymph, witch, enchantress or sorceress in Greek mythology. By most accounts, she was the daughter of the sun god Helios, and Perse, an Oceanid nymph. Her brothers were Aeetes, keeper of the Golden Fleece, and Perses. Her sister was Pasiphaë, the wife of King Minos and mother of the Minotaur. Other accounts make her the daughter of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft."

  15. Vati Canis could also mean 'father dog' or 'dog minstrel'.

  16. Martin Luther and John Cavlin both encouraged the use of the holy name of Jesus IHS

  17. I'm Catholic and i am lucifer ,it's time

  18. thank you for your mission work brother, for your obedience to our Lord. I pray that you be blessed in your ministry so that Christ and His Kingdom be magnified, in Jesus' Holy Name. I wish I had the means to bless you monetarily at this time, but I just do not at this time.

  19. IHSV was interpreted to mean In Hoc Signo Vinces, “In this sign, you shall conquer”. It is popular legend that the IHS stands for the Latin phrase Iesus Hominum Salvator, “Jesus the Savior of (all) Men”. While this is a fine devotion, it is not historically accurate.
    The IHS symbol was so popular that it is not uncommon to find the Latin Iesus misspelled as IHeSus (with the “H” added, though in Greek this “h” is equivalent to the Latin “e”).
    In fact, the first known use of the IHS abbreviation comes in the 8th century: “DN IHS CHS REX REGNANTIUM”, the first three words being abbreviated from “DomiNus IHeSus CHristuS” – “The Lord Jesus Christ is the King of Kings”. For a further explanation of the history of the IHS, see the 'Catholic Encyclopedia' article?

  20. This guy is very lost in Knowledge he is wrong with the most basic symbolism.

  21. Just caught up your video. Thanks so much for going there. And thanks for all of your work. It's wonderful to have such things shown us. Until your videos I had absolutely no idea of this hidden world of the Illuminati, nor that howWe've been taken for a ride, by the others who belong to the evil side, who think that it's all about them. It's heartbreaking when other people you love think that it's just fun and games. Come out of her my people. Lol.

  22. T H I S … and 3 little nails, in their center of radiation.

  23. the eclipse is a halo

  24. eclipse evil? its just the sign of Christ over coming death. the two crosses are the sun and the moon and Christ was the eclipse. come on people.

  25. BURN ALLLLLLLL the Dravidians .

  26. IHS = I am the sun.

  27. i cant believe the amount of retarded people buying into this bullshit

    its hilarious

  28. IHS Isis Horus and Set! The SUN … Morning and Evening! Nothing more! Sun worshipper!

  29. Excellent presentation. Keep up the good work. Much more to do, time is running short. May the Creator protect you all.

  30. ISIS Horace Set
    Jesuit Pharonic Bloodlines

  31. Wow! Sad how much Protest-ants are poisoned with hate n lust! First of all stop calling yourselves Christians, when there is but 1 Christian Church n thats the Church Jesus Christ himself founded during his time here on this planet with the apostles! You guys are Protest-ant not Christian, another word for protest is rebelle n why hide the real pronunciation of your churches, its pronounced just as its spelled, PROTESTANT NOT how you people pronounce it, PRAWTESTANT. Its pronounced PRO not PRAW please stop denying what you are….a spiritual/religious movement that occurred during the 16th century who PROTESTED against the first 15 centuries of Christianity. This was the beginning of the most satanic plot known to mankind which was n is to destroy, corrupt n divide TRUE CHRISTIANITY. From the 16th century people like Martin Luther pretty much brought the idea that the first 1500 years of Christianity had gotten it wrong but that he had the truth, 1500 years of Saints n of the Church studying the bible had gotten it wrong but now he had the true interpretation. The bible which is a production of the Church n a good question would be a production of "what church"? The Church that wrote the Bible n put it together, The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church who started in the year 33 AD. So how can it be that the ones who wrote their diary of faith not know the correct way to interpret what they wrote but on the other hand someone else somehow knows the correct interpretation of whatever someone else wrote? Strange claim isnt it? Thats Luther, Calvin, King James, King Henry n all too many people now a days who believe somehow they can read the Bible n interpret the words that are in there as we please or as we think the Holy Spirit has inspired us to! This is how we have over 30k so called Christian denominations here in the U.S. ALONE! No wonder people think Christians are lunatics, anybody can read the Bible, interpret it as they feel n start a new "Christian" denomination next week. Theres so much more i can say especially regarding these "supposed" exposures of the Holy Catholic Church so i would like to hear responses to my comment so i can clarify these claims. God Bless!

  32. How about staying away from religion because it really is the root of all evil ! We don`t need primitive story telling to guide us through life ! Religion is nothing more than mass control ! It`s hard to believe that it`s 2016 and people still hold on to this SHIT !

  33. IHS = ISIS> HORUS < SET / H / B…
    IH = JAH + S = SATAN (Or "Lord Satan" in Hebrew…)
    JAHBULON: Jah= Yahve, Bul= Ba'al, On= Osiris (Jah+bul+on)
    The 'religion' of the MASONIC 'royal red dragon bloodlines!'

  34. i am sorry for all of my comments on this one video.
    I originally found this video while trying to figure out what a certain symbol meant that was on a banner hanging in a Catholic Church I recently attended. if you know anything about zodiac signs, the symbol looked kind of like the Libra symbol, for another shaped like and compare it to is the top part of an ankh

  35. A&Ω

  36. Ooft brilliant video.x

  37. A great investigation on the evil Jesuits!
    I have a rare book,of 1800 pages,about this evil military order.
    Check out Eric Jon Phelps,at vatican assassins,for a history,
    and who,and what they control.
    Also check out Avro Manhattan books.

  38. this is satire, right?

  39. COOL! You have Jesse Pinkman's accent

  40. anc

    More reborn jesus freak bullshit I see

  41. SHI can also = SHIATAN / Satan

  42. Fair to say, all Catholics now know about the paedophile culture of their religion, which begs the question; "Why remain Catholic, with this full disclosure?"

    Like minds stick together!  Get out of Christendom or you are a willing paedophile supporter!

  43. I thought it spelled 💩=👹🔔☎️🔔📣📞hello—⏳⌛️⏰to 😴😴😳😃💤💨👀👆🙏😇Jesus is the way!

  44. So I am a practicing Roman Catholic, I see many of your points and how you have shown historical perversion of the symbols. Now if I set myself back and look and try to discern truth through logic, I really need to first question any authenticity of the New Testament. IF the Catholic church is this Satanic worshiping institution as you claim then how am I to trust the new testament is Gods word? I am on the fence, I have great concerns of the modern church especially pope Francis..I do not trust him at all!…I really wanna hope Jesus enlightens me that I can find Him and know Him and do believe he works in mysterious ways…what religion do you practice and do you believe the bible is the word of God?