What is coming towards us? (R$E)

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Stay the course. Be free in spirit.

I’d say look for signs of destruction, unnecessary restriction and a demanding of money and you’ll most likely get a clearer picture of which god a particular sect or group serve. Christ is freedom for all and our only way to the pure source of all, the Father, to whom no name is worthy.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!

  2. get a girlfriend and all this will be forgotten

  3. I have a question for Round Saturns Eye. Have you done any work on the new movie home? I just saw it and because of your teachings noticed so much symbolism in it. Would luv you to break it down.

  4. You should have a look of the movie inherent vice I'd like to know what is that cause I was literally confused with that movie is mind blowing

  5. I really love your videos! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Bless you brother.

  6. Short but sweet.  

  7. Amen brother peace be with you in Christ Jesus! 

  8. Keep on keeping on! 👍
    Inspirational ! 😇

  9. I also think it's going to be in our lifetime (in my humble opinion). I've put my seatbelt on!

  10. Great video, thanks for sharing again

  11. Nice monologue. . Good job R$E

  12. Great and true message!!!going spread this,is it David icke talking?thank you,great work

  13. peace my friend

  14. I have been a Freemason since I came back from Korea when I was 22 years old.  I'm 68 now so you do the math.  I have moved up the structure into what some people call the "illuminated" degrees, so I'm no spring chicken or porch Mason.
    That being said, The great majority of my brothers friends and associates do not worship death as this fruity tootie Australian or whatever it is puts.  Yes, we seek light and illumination from that who is the bringer of the light.

  15. Thank you for sharing  your knowledge.

  16. again a amazing video