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  1. I love this video!

  2. N'to – Trauma (Worakls Remix)

  3. 6:40 – from what video is this fragment?

  4. 6:40 – what film is it?

  5. Anybody know wich sonf and artist he used?

  6. So, a scientist in England finds a genetic anomaly looking under a microscope.  Upon closer inspection he discovers that the semen he is viewing shows signs of intelligent engineering, as if created, but not by man, but who?  To his astonishment the seed appears to have the semblance of a cross on it.  The scientist, being a Christian Scientist then proclaims behold, I have found faith as a grain of mustard seed.  So even though people all over the world protested the planting of this seed, even the Pope saying, "in the day that you plant this seed you will be playing God, creating God."  Still that didn't stop them because an old woman told them that if they wanted to know the truth, then they had to plant the seed, so they did.  The fetus was kept in the strictest of atmospheres, inside a hemisphere office bay which has since been seen on TV shows and movies; and there they experimented on his genome while the egg was gestating.  Then they chose a blood suited carrier to bring the baby to term, but something wasn't right.  What came out as the embryo formed were two separate yet joined individual human beings where one was half the size of the other and they were joined at the base of the spine.  That is the unofficial first test tube baby.  That is the Son of Man, God's messenger.  So what was the message you ask?  It had to do with a rogue star and its armies of debris destroying the Earth.  That if no warning had been given then no flesh would be spared.  So now you know what it means to be least in the kingdom and least among men.  So where does Jesus fit in, you ask?  He stood up for a child everyone wanted killed, as a spokesperson for a people who did not claim him as their own, ready to give his life if it would help feed his starving neighbors and save the people he thought of as his friends; of course they did crucify him though.  But I assure you also that there was a resurrection.  They took him up to the city of David, it is a real city in space quite far from here.  They are strange, these greys; the Biblical Iron mired with clay.  They are powerful, if their will were to kill you then you would already be dead, there is something working above them, also the reptilians, but they originated here on Earth whereas mankind came from two planets out, where the asteroid belt is now.  They opened their homes to you, welcomed you in as neighbors, then you turned on them and began hunting them as demons, because of their spiritual gifts?  You treat your enemies as friends, but your friends as enemies, it is strange.  Not you specifically as much as to say someone other than one such as are I.  It is a confusing world. Humans have only begun to scratch the surface of what reality is and they are already going into the unknown with preconceived notions as to what they will find.  Accept the Bible as an introduction to other stellar kingdoms, and move on from there.

  7. What song? Please!

  8. What kind of bullshit is this?

  9. religion is not necessary to explain human stupidity and evil

  10. Great video. would like to get this soundtrack.

  11. Thank you for this outstanding video – blessings in Yahushua the Messiah. 

  12. Because some recurrent phenomena , happen too slowly for you to perceive without the written word.

  13. i will share to save as many as i can God bless you…..

  14. Jesus Christ is LIFE

  15. the dollar sign…..interesting,since the symbol literaly SPELLS ISIS.strike one.

  16. Great work

  17. Bless you xo

  18. Thank you for your work. This world is turned upside down. God bless.

  19.  K SEE hICK OX
    33 with RED hair
    the RED OX.  
    Christie let her loose.
    the whole world knows, but do they REALLY know the TRUTH?

  20. first part is understandable: you guys need a foster parent who can make decisions for you and tell you what to do with your lifes, but how do we know you guys will not be looking for anyone here on this planet? and bother the hell out of him for thinking he might be a messiah? you guys will most likely end up destroying that persons life and we can't let that happen. we all have a right to privacy and life, you know?

  21. BEAUTIFUL !!!

  22. Great video! Thank you so much 🙂

  23. Good info show thank you.

  24. I want to know where you got that animation clip of Jesus.

  25. I have watched every vid you made here and by far this one is the most important to me.
    Your timing could  have not been better for putting this vid up and explaining the matrix we live in and why we need Jesus.
    I really needed to see/listen to this!

  26. Thank you for spreading the word of our Father! And his Love! ..Much love to all…. !!! 

  27. Amen

  28. Hey brother, great video!!! There's a new video game that came out with a lot symbology. It's called" Sunset Drive" It might be useful. God Bless Brother.

  29. Who produced that 3d animation of Jesus I would like to speak with them.

  30. Well I'm going to hell anyway because people tell me I'm a descendant of Esau because I'm white and they said all white people are going to hell 

  31. RSE, how can I contact you for an interview ? 

  32. Excellent video!

  33. Wonderful message R$E!

  34. Very good!  Really like your video's!

  35. Look at the BIIGGGEERRR PICTURE……..CHRIST JESUS is the only one IN-CHARGE.