Will Smith's kids SLEEP WITH SNAKES!? (R$E)

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Illuminati/occult symbolism.. and a story about the snakes in hollywood.

“Will Smith’s 13 year old daughter sleeps with TEN snakes” = 23

Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2663042/Will-Smiths-13-year-old-daughter-Willow-TEN-snakes-sleeping-room-uncaged.html

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  1. This is why Jesus made it clear that parents teach their children the ways of the Lord. With this in mind their mother has come out and said she has gone through substance abuse issues for most of her life. She said that she is constantly having to go through detox. What kind of a mother is that? Combine that with a father who is away most of the time and this is the result. People NEED Jesus.

  2. You people are so petty! First of all I know girls who attend Jr. High who wears more provocative clothing than what Willow has on. The hoodie sweater that Jaden's wearing is way over analyzed. How do you know that's what those symbols mean?! It's a sweater! and as far as the snakes go, I've seen people do stranger things with their pet tarantula. Shut up and get a grip! Leave Jaden and Willow alone.


  4. Hmmmm
    M scared for this kids

  5. These like attention too much

  6. Stop watching these videos tryna expose celebs,they just sick,it’s God whose going to judge us all,if you have an unconfessed sin you will be damned to hell just as these people you tryna expose and don’t forget videos like these are addictive just like pornography just that you haven’t figured it out

  7. I hope you are not a pedophile seems like you are obsessed with Jaden Smith

  8. 😮😐😯😕😦😡😟😵😵😵😵😵😳😳😳😳

  9. Thats scary

  10. good video

  11. They are also gender reversed. Open your eyes guys! They are not even hidden trannies. The supposed girl have no hips and an Adam's apple, for crying out loud! Jada Pincket is also a tranny. Where or how they got those kids I don't know, but I know the entire family is fake. A mirage. People shouldn't put these people on a piedestal. They are abominal. Look up Transpocalypse Now or search on transinvestigation

  12. may I ask why you chose the name round saturn's eye? I only ask because I've seen a lot of Saturn symbolism in the occult. I'm just curious. I actually like your videos a lot and I believe you speak a lot of truth. for some reason the name round Saturn's eye makes me uncomfortable lol. God bless you brother. go in peace in Christ Jesus.

  13. What a horrific way to raise your kids! Will and his wife sold there souls and those poor kids have no chance in hell unless the are saved by Jesus Christ! I hate TV

  14. honestly God will judge u aaaah

  15. I think Will Smith transgendered his children to baphomet/satan as sacrifices. It's disgusting how he is constantly kissing and touching Jaden inappropriately in public. These people are sellouts for game and money.

  16. The snake thing in your video had me thinking of the church in Pergamum where the thinking was if you were sick you would go to the witches in the temple drink the brew and sleep with the snakes and in the morning after hallucinating from there brew you tell your “dream” to them and they would tell you what was wrong and what the cure is.

  17. Wtf

  18. Sick and tired of this, I am TOTALLY disgusted. These kids don't stand a chance…

  19. All for the views baby!

  20. The Smith are a WEIRD FUCKIN FAMILY , they need someone to TEC-9 or MAC-10 them all

  21. Stuipd

  22. I really have a feeling that these two's genders has been inverted. Just satanic stuff. Jada is no doubt a tranny, so…

  23. they need to be deported!!

  24. the whole family is fucked

  25. preach!!!

  26. They are just fucking weirdos

  27. My t.v. broke months ago and i don't know if i will ever replace it. i think they can send you subliminal messages too..Sleeping with snakes come on something wrong with that!

  28. Perfect example of the sickness they call Hollywood…..Will and Jada totally failed as parents…..The whole Smith family is a disgrace!

  29. wanna be thugs always pose for the camera looking like they were just about to say something it looks stupid

  30. The poor kids – may God take pitty on them for being born into this family and help them to lift the veil off their eyes.

  31. There's a V at the top of Jayden's head too. Lol…in his hair.

  32. WEIRD KIDS…NOW THESE Days. Pray for them that they will be saved. Only the Lord can save us. REPENT people before it's too late.

  33. Hopefully its false. But this is cultural Marxism for u

  34. This is a very strange family

  35. sick people !

  36. They're always all over each other. Always together. Messed up family

  37. mind your business what do you sleep with 🤔

  38. FF 2 years and he is gender fluid. Hollywood is sinister

  39. so why do u think the Illuminati want people to wake up?

  40. I not watched TV in over 5years

  41. But white people sleep with dogs…what's the big deal?

  42. Y'all need to leave these kids alone and teens the v she was holding up was a peace sign but aparantly your to old to no what that means if the parents allow them to wear those clothes then fine but your not there parents you have no right to be trying to find something to say about them