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  1. I noticed you showed Todd White in this video walking out Lifestyle Christianity.
    What do you think about him?

  2. Recognize that you are a sinners!
    Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord.
    Then ask Jesus to forgive you.
    Be very sorry for your sins.

    Come to Jesus, before it's too late!

  3. Thank you brother , I needed to hear this I needed a reminder , Jesus is my everything.

  4. congrats Dave
    thanks for all your vids.
    i noticed when you spoke on deception in this vid, you showed some footage of Todd White.
    Do you believed he is a false teacher?

  5. It's not really short were just waiting for the next big thing that we don't enjoy the ride, so worried about the destination we don't enjoy the journey. Remember he hasn't left you he is with us always

  6. To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.(JUDE 1:25)

  7. Thank you! Love your work and videos!

  8. PRAISE OUR LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST. Thank you for sharing my brother. I love you in CHRIST JESUS.

  9. "Every battle is won before it is fought"
    "Victorious warrior win first and then go to war while defeated warrior go to war first and then seek to win"
    The Father God at the most high has already won this battle.
    God Bless You and Your Channel
    Keep up with your good work.

  10. Thank you for this video. It came in at the right time!

  11. Inspiring and encouraging as always for us trying to find the narrow path…leading to our Father. Thank you.

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  13. my name is Tracie 🙏 God bless you brother 🙏 Jesus is Living Waters… Wormwood is bitter water Dealth.. Rejected Jesus, perverted Gospel.. Jesus number one in my life.. Jesus is Love 💕

  14. Amen. Time is short and soon will be no more. Maranatha!

  15. As they say, Jesus doesn't want to be number one of a list of 10 things. He wants to be number one on a list of one. Help us Jesus!

  16. He's coming!


  18. Can just ask, without atheism in my tone, without darkness in my intent what prove do you have for the hope in you? The hope you declare on the video the hope you invite people too? What proof.

  19. You need to see this truth.. And real reasons why the US is withdrawing from Syria… Who is in real power ans who is deceiving… https://youtu.be/EwSFQqkRnZ8

  20. This is so beautifully done!!!! Thank you!,

  21. Thank you for this and all your videos.

  22. Amen, thank you!!

  23. I'm looking for a preacher I can trust. Every time I'm lead down the Freemason pit. If anyone could recommend a preacher on the side of Christ I'll be very grateful :). God bless..

  24. What a lovely video. Thank you 😊

  25. Thank you!! God bless you and praise Jesus Christ!!

  26. may God help us. absolute there only one way Jesus Christ is the only one to help us to become one with our father in heaven.

  27. I strongly recommend those that can, to prepare a home outside of the city.

    You may need it for your family in the future.

  28. Amen. God bless
    May His will be done

  29. God Bless you RSE! and Merry Christmas to you and your family! May the Lord Jesus Christ bring you peace Love and joy on Christmas. God Bless you all FAMs ✌️ ♥️ ✝️

  30. Very powerful. Thank you for sharing, brother! I'm getting baptized soon too. Thank God for salvation.

  31. Amen brother. Love from the body of Christ

  32. I want to be baptized, but churches nowadays wants you to take classes in order for the preacher to baptize you. And that to me, doesn't sound rite. I want to continue in the walk with Christ, there are things I must stop doing, but why I can't just be baptized? It's on their time and not when I feel ready? I've been cutting sins out my life for a long time! Why is it I have to wait till they feel I'm ready? Is baptism needed to be saved? I know the Bible tells us so, but I'm being pushed away from it, because if churches. Forgive me 🙏 for asking so much questions, but it irritates me. The Lord knows my heart.

  33. The 2 thumbs down have rejected Christ and your message I pray for their souls
    Open the eyes to their hearts Lord Jesus , touch them let them feel your Love and presence
    In Jesus Name

  34. Amen.

  35. I am trying to find my self again, I pray every day but Satan attacks me every day, Satan has told me he wants to destroy me, God tells me I am threat to satan. It's hard, life is hard, I feel broken most of the time but I keep fighting because of my children. My partner betrayed me, Satan broke my family but I thank God that I haven't lost faith. I fail him everyday and I feel guilty but I also remember that guilt is from Satan and do whatever it takes to continue praying and believing in Jesus even though I feel like a loser at times. I am waiting patiently for the coming of christ.

  36. The UK has already fallen with the immigrant invasion prompted by Arab Spring and the war driving out Muslims from their countries to Europe which has a completely different set of values from Islam.

  37. RIGHT ON

  38. In the American Music awards and American Billboard awards they had the usual Illuminati stuff and at the end of the show there was a gospel chorus with a main gospel singer. I think the ceremony was trying to make people think that with all the subliminal Illuminati symbolism the music is still God-centered. It is a deception that only those who are awake can see.

  39. Thank you for sharing the word,you have helped me see😇

  40. I am proud of your boldness and correct teachings, brother! Shalom!

  41. thank you RISE

  42. Ben Williams library dot com

    Seekers go and see. Jesus led me

  43. David..I wish you would share your testimony.

  44. Deepest GRATITUDE for your phemomenal messages and the ttemendous effort you put forth.
    Blessings in tge mighty name if Jesus.
    Merry 🎄

  45. Ty, I need that!

  46. I pray you return soon, and bring an end to all the evil, pain, hurt, hate and works of the Evil One. That you bring in the new Heaven and New Earth that you promised, and reign over us with peace, love, and justice! Maranatha Lord! Amen!

  47. God bless you brother

  48. Beside this, Praying, fasting , and bowing to ALMIGHTY the CREATOR is really must to overcome this time!!!

  49. Amen!
    Your video has refreshed my soul as I pray hard for my millennial grandchildren, I worry when I see so many who are rebellious and have no desire for God! or, no regards for what Jesus Christ did for them.
    I just turned a young by the Grace of God 55, I can tell you are young and it has done my heart good to hear you trying to teach and reach them for Christ before it's to late! Thank you, my kids and Grand children love God and are great kids I'm going to share this with them, age 16 and 17 in hopes they share with their friends.
    Thank you again
    May the Lord continue to use you, and guide you,
    For His Glory
    In Jesus name Amen

  50. 6:32 is footage from my baptism last week. This is a public pledge of allegiance to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I have died with Christ and will be raised with Christ. This is what this act symbolizes. I encourage you to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to publicly show others who you serve.